Video Demonstration Here:

Once you have a pie dough made (recipe for pie dough here), the question becomes how to roll it out and prepare it properly in a pie dough. In the video above, I show you how.


1. Once pie dough has chilled, remove from fridge and place on an empty work surface.

2. Cut out two large pieces of wax or parchment paper (to roll between pie dough).

3. Place pie dough between baking paper and roll dough till 1/4 to 1/2 and inch in thickness (depending on your preference)

4. Prepare a pie plate by spraying with cooking spray or buttering.

5. Take rolled out dough and quickly place in pie plate. Trim excess from around the edges or wrap it around the rim of the pie ring.

6. Poke a few holes at the bottom of the pie dough crust before baking to prevent the dough from puffing up.

7. Either pre bake pie dough in a preheated 350F/180C oven till golden brown or place pie filling in pie dough for baking.

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